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Ready to gain what is rightfully yours? Asset investigations shed light on true financial standings for accurate disclosure in Court.

An asset search – also known as an asset check or investigation – is used to uncover a person, entity, or corporation’s net worth and wealth status. Equipped with a full understanding of the Subject’s financial position, individuals and companies can satisfy their due diligence, recover debts, settle personal injury claims, validate financial statements in family law matters and more.

With over 30 years experience in uncovering assets around the world, IFW brings financial positions to light through a global network of representatives and resources. From exposing hidden assets to combating financial crimes, we can provide asset search services independently or in conjunction with law enforcement officials.

Asset search experts with a proven track record

Global leaders in asset investigation

Apparent assets may only reflect a fraction of wealth. With over 30 years experience in investigation and online evidence collection, IFW investigators have the skills required to reveal assets many clients and law enforcement agencies consider impossible to find.

Superior search strategies

IFW integrates digital and physical investigative techniques, such as cyber intelligence collection, cryptocurrency tracing, personal deep web profiling and on-ground surveillance, to determine the Subject’s assets as quickly and accurately as possible.

Worldwide financial intelligence resources

With a global team of investigators, analysts, researchers and lawyers, as well as extensive relationships with state, federal and international partner agencies, IFW offers an exclusive ability to discover money trails and track down assets in almost any country.

Individualised investigations

We understand that every asset search is unique, in turn demanding a tailored approach for the optimal outcome. That’s why our rigorous and adaptable investigation process unravels the truth with continuous adjustment to the complexities of each financial circumstance.

Total confidentiality

Regardless of its scale or cost, every asset search is conducted with an unwavering commitment to client privacy and case confidentiality. Ensuring utmost discretion and sensitivity at all times, IFW securely files and encrypts any personal details.

Expert asset search solutions for every case

Corporate due diligence

Companies may wish to conduct an asset search as a due diligence measure. For example, in an effort to ascertain whether a prospective investor is financially stable.

Personal injury claims

Pre-litigation asset checks are performed with the aim of calculating whether the other party has sufficient funds to provide compensation and, in turn, if legal action is worth it.

Family law matters

Asset searches can be used in civil cases concerning property settlement, child support and spousal support, as well as in Probate cases to help determine the deceased estate.


An asset search can be undertaken to ensure that assets have been accurately and completely disclosed in a bankruptcy case.

Judgment recovery

If you secure a judgment in Court and are owed money, you may want to confirm that the defendant is in the financial position to pay you in full and with which assets.

Suspected fraud

Asset searches can shed light on suspected fraud. For instance, if you believe someone is falsely claiming that they cannot afford to repay their debt to you or your business.


An asset search can be performed prior to investing in a property or business. This can ensure you spend your hard-earned money on a legitimate entity with verified value.

I engaged IFW to pursue my investment of AUD $1.8 million in a boiler room share market scam. IFW tracked down the fraudsters involved in my investment scam and had them arrested in the Philippines. We subsequently were able to freeze all their assets and negotiated a financial settlement which resulted in the return of all of my invested funds and recovery expenses. This was a life changing experience for me to recover my investment and restore my financial position. Thanks to IFW for their relentless pursuit of the criminals involved.

- Successful investment scam recovery

Frequently asked questions

  • An asset search is an investigation into an individual or business entity’s assets, including real estate property, bank accounts and stocks. Also known as an asset check or asset investigation, this specific type of background check tracks down public records to confirm the Subject’s total wealth.

    An asset search is a particularly powerful tool in cases where assets are being concealed or transferred to mask the Subject’s true financial standing. These hidden assets can include those held in offshore bank accounts or corporate entities, trusts and family member’s names.

    This investigation can uncover invaluable information for an applicant or plaintiff in either criminal or civil legal proceedings, shedding light on whether the defendant has sufficient financial resources to make the required payment(s) and satisfy a Court judgement.

  • IFW utilises meticulous investigative methods and state-of-the-art technology to accurately determine a Subject’s financial standing.

    The exact nature of each asset search depends on its purpose and the unique circumstances at hand, often involving collaboration between various specialists at IFW to perform:

    • Financial investigations into bank accounts, stock portfolios, employment status, corporate filings, land titles, outstanding debts, bankruptcies and more.
    • Cyber checks to uncover critical information from online resources such as databases, open-source platforms and social media accounts.
    • Physical surveillance to monitor the Subject’s lifestyle and gather evidence of hidden assets, such as lavish properties and luxury holidays.

    Our licenced investigators can also leverage a global network of representatives and resources to identify and, if required, recover assets held around the world.

    Enquire now to discover how our investigators can assist with your case.

  • An asset search can reveal a person or business entity’s real financial standing. Drawing on over 30 years of investigative experience, IFW looks beneath the surface to uncover a Subject’s complete set of assets, including:

    • Bank accounts
    • Private and commercial real estate on a local, national or international level
    • Vehicle, watercraft and aircraft registrations and liens
    • Stock portfolios, including offshore investments
    • Mortgages and other loans
    • Insurance and pensions
    • Trusts and trust loans
    • Corporate filings
    • Intellectual property
    • Judgments
    • Bankruptcies
  • Yes, there are some potential limits to an asset search. For instance, although it is possible to identify a Subject’s financial accounts at a banking institution, it may be considered an invasion of privacy to investigate their account balance or transactions without a court issued subpoena.

    This is just one reason why it is critical to engage experienced and licenced professionals for asset investigation services. At IFW, we know precisely what is legally possible and permissible when performing this type of search.

  • The cost of an asset search depends on a range of factors, including the status and profile of the Subject under investigation.

    Before actioning the asset search, IFW will conduct a preliminary assessment and provide you with a tailored cost proposal to reach an optimal outcome for your case.

  • Our investigators work with exceptional efficiency to determine total assets as fast as possible. A basic asset search involving only one Subject and one country can typically be completed within 14 days.

  • Yes. Ensuring client confidentiality and safety is paramount at IFW – why is why your personal details are kept private and protected, with all data securely filed and encrypted.

    Enjoy peace of mind knowing this information will never be disclosed to anyone without your permission.

  • Yes, all information IFW uncovers during the course of an asset investigation can be presented in Court.

    Our investigators will equip you with a professional report of all findings, which can be tendered as evidence and accompanied by a sworn affidavit if required.*

  • IFW can carry out asset searches in most foreign jurisdictions. With representatives on every continent, we can access local databases and expose hidden assets across the globe.

    Enquire now to learn whether IFW can investigate assets in your country of interest.

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