Fraud & Asset Recovery

IFW Global fraud recovery services go beyond traditional methods. We integrate cyber intelligence, investigations, and on-the-ground monitoring to deliver an end-to-end superior solution for tracking down lost and stolen assets.

Our fraud recovery services leave no stone unturned. By combining cyber investigations and field operations, IFW can identify key individuals on the ground, and uncover actionable intelligence that can be used in a court of law to recover and track assets lost from fraud.

IFW Global delivers a unique cyber fraud recovery service that is not available elsewhere on the market. Law enforcement agencies are often too slow in their efforts to pinpoint the locations of assets and suspects. IFW Global has built an alert and focused company culture that ensures every case is dealt with as urgently as possible with sensitivity and a methodical approach. IFW leverages its in-house legal specialists, along with nationally recognised expert litigators and attorneys that exclusively work on IFW cases.

The IFW Global multi-jurisdictional asset search and debt and recovery asset service has helped to retrieve millions of dollars for IFW clients. By combining cyber investigations, intelligence and legal expertise, IFW can locate concealed assets or hidden funds and prove they were obtained by illegal means before filing recovery proceedings in any foreign jurisdiction.

Fraud recovery services with a proven track record

Globally-renowned investigations

Our cyber investigators, researchers and analysts have been unearthing evidence to track down scammers around the world for over three decades. With our unparalleled investigative prowess, you can maximise the likelihood of recovering your assets.

Connections on every continent

We are well versed in working closely with state, federal and international law enforcement agencies. IFW Global can also partner with local and foreign correspondent lawyers to trace money trails and reveal hidden assets in almost any country.

Dynamic techniques

Leveraging direct access to local databases, expert witnesses in cyber forensics and cybercrime, and a network of confidential informants, IFW actions a variety of methods to conduct rigorous investigations into the most complex fraudulent operations in foreign countries.

Groundbreaking evidence

No matter where your investigation takes place, IFW will prepare a solid brief of evidence for use in criminal proceedings in the appropriate jurisdiction. Armed with proof of fraud, and the identities of those involved, you will be able to file complaints to prosecute the offender and take steps to recoup your money.

Powerful results

IFW investigators have provided fundamental support to international law enforcement agencies in their efforts to hunt down organised cybercrime groups, sharing critical evidence that has led to major police raids, arrests and prosecutions across the globe.

Complete discretion

Our dedicated investigators deliver asset recovery services with steadfast professionalism and sensitivity. To protect your privacy, we always encrypt every piece of personal data and keep it strictly confidential unless disclosed with your consent.

Frequently asked questions

How does IFW recover assets from foreign countries?

If your assets have been traced to another country, they may be recovered via the appropriate jurisdiction’s Court process or through a private settlement negotiation.

The latter option is more likely after IFW has gained powerful legal leverage against the scammers.

What is the likelihood of successfully recovering assets?

It’s important to understand that a successful result is never guaranteed. That said, the stronger the evidence against the fraudsters, the greater the chances of being able to file a legal case – and Court proceedings may result in a recovery.

Before commencing our fraud recovery services, we will perform a preliminary assessment of your case to flag any commercial or financial risks of the investigation and present you with your realistic likelihood of recovery. Armed with this professional advice, you can then make an informed decision on how you would like to proceed.

How long will my investigation take?

The duration of your investigation lies in its complexity and whether or not legal proceedings are taking place in an effort to recover your assets.

As a general estimate, IFW investigators can usually hunt down the fraudsters within one to three months. Following this turning point, a fraud recovery strategy must be actioned in light of the investigation’s discoveries. This procedure typically involves the preparation of an initial demand letter, which, if ignored, is ensued by legal action and/or the filing of a criminal complaint and liaison with law enforcement agencies.

In such an event, IFW investigators will help law enforcement officials to file search warrants and/or criminal charges against the fraudster, who may be arrested and prosecuted.

What evidence do I need to prove fraud and recover my assets in Court?

The core qualities of fraud are deception and dishonesty. As the victim, you must demonstrate that your decision to part ways with your money was founded on the fraudster’s fake claims.

Our experienced investigators will do our best to handle the rest, working to uncover admissible evidence that satisfies the criminal burden of proof necessary in Courts across the globe.

How much do fraud recovery services cost?

The cost of our fraud recovery services depends on the complexity of your case, the value of assets in question, and the country from which the fraudsters have orchestrated the scam.

Typically, the greater the losses, the more difficult and costly the investigation – especially if your money has been transferred through several financial institutions or money remitting platforms.

IFW’s renowned investigators will provide a personalised proposal for your case, which will include a recommended budget to maximise the probability of a successful result.

I engaged IFW to pursue my investment of AUD $1.8 million in a boiler room share market scam. IFW tracked down the fraudsters involved in my investment scam and had them arrested in the Philippines. We subsequently were able to freeze all their assets and negotiated a financial settlement which resulted in the return of all of my invested funds and recovery expenses. This was a life changing experience for me to recover my investment and restore my financial position. Thanks to IFW for their relentless pursuit of the criminals involved.

- Successful investment scam recovery

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