Every year, Australians fall victim to international scams, losing millions of dollars to sophisticated fraud schemes that promise high returns on investments and easy wealth accumulation.

IFW Global, a leading international fraud investigation firm, was involved in the recent crackdown on foreign investment fraudsters in Malaysia this year. IFW Global represented 20 victims who were scammed out of losses totaling in excess of AUD 63 million by a sophisticated international criminal syndicate.

IFW’s executive chairman and cybercrime specialist, Ken Gamble, described the scam as “…one of the most sophisticated and well-established scam syndicates we have seen in many years.”

Tune in to the upcoming 7NEWS report that will delve into the details of the scam, IFW Global’s investigation, and the 81 arrests in what is one of Malaysia’s biggest strikes to date against a share market and securities fraud syndicate.

Watch the trailer for the upcoming 7NEWS report below.

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