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IFW investigates kidnapping, abduction and missing person cases across the globe with exceptional expertise.

IFW investigators are highly skilled in solving kidnapping, abduction and missing persons cases across the globe. Whether you need to find someone who has vanished in Australia or overseas, our missing persons investigation agency can uncover their whereabouts and determine if foul play has been involved.

From unsolved disappearances to ongoing police investigations, our licenced investigators can assist any case independently or in conjunction with law enforcement officials. With over 30 years experience in finding missing persons through a worldwide network of resources, IFW conducts rigorous investigations that bring locations to light.

If you are a family member, legal professional or media organisation in need of answers, put a stop to futile search efforts and contact our expert investigators as soon as possible.

Our missing persons investigation agency provides:

  • Case assessment to review all evidence, records, witness statements and the police brief of evidence (if available)
  • Full database and open-source cyber investigations to locate people and identify their connections to family members, business associations and addresses
  • Cyber intelligence to gather key information on suspects and missing persons
  • Forensic investigation and electronic data analysis to uncover case details
  • Preparation of recommendations for further investigations
  • Media management to spread public awareness of the case
  • Law enforcement liaison between the police investigation and family members, legal professionals or the media
Ken Gamble mapping out evidence he uncovered on behalf of the family of Belgian tourist Theo Hayez.

A missing persons investigation agency with a proven track record

30+ years experience

Kidnappings, abductions and disappearances are tense situations, demanding expertise and attention to detail. With backgrounds including law enforcement, foreign intelligence, military special forces and security, our investigators can tackle any case.

Tailored & thorough investigations

No two cases are the same. That’s why IFW utilises a meticulous and methodical process to unravel layers of connections, movements and activities – rather than a predetermined procedure. This approach allows for continuous adaptation to the unique situation as it unfolds.

Global network of resources

With vast open-source intelligence capabilities and direct access to state and federal databases abroad, IFW gathers actionable intelligence and evidence in local and foreign jurisdictions. In addition, IFW utilises well established strategic alliances and relationships with law enforcement, media and regulatory bodies around the world.

Sophisticated techniques

From database research and communication intelligence to witness interviews and forensic investigation, IFW utilises a variety of digital and physical resources to uncover powerful information that helps to track down missing persons as fast as possible.

Evidence of success

IFW is a highly accomplished missing persons investigation agency. With multiple law enforcement awards for professionalism and scores of success stories, our licenced investigators are world-renowned for their ability to locate fugitives, family members, or those who have mysteriously vanished.

Strict confidentiality

Trusted for our strong levels of confidentiality and sensitivity, IFW never discloses case details without consent. To protect clients’ privacy, all personal data is encrypted and any featured investigation focuses on the processes used to solve the case.

Frequently asked questions

  • A person is considered missing once it has been reported to police that their whereabouts are unknown and others are concerned for their safety or welfare. They may have vanished suddenly, mysteriously or without explanation.

  • You can file a missing persons report at any time. There are no minimum or maximum time limits, so you do not have to wait 24 hours before contacting the police.

    In fact, time is of the essence in missing persons investigations, with the first 24 hours serving as a critical opportunity to follow up leads. We urge you to file a report as soon as you grow concerned for the welfare and safety of someone you cannot locate.

  • While both offences result in a missing person, kidnapping and abduction have one core distinction. Kidnapping involves using force, threat or deceit to take a person away with the intent of holding them captive against their will. In contrast, abduction refers to taking someone away in a manner that illegally interferes with a family relationship, such as snatching a child from their mother or father.

    Our private investigators have the experience, skills and resources to assist with both kidnapping and abduction cases anywhere in the world.

  • Family members can hire a private investigator to locate a missing person if they feel that the police investigation has failed to provide thorough and accurate results. Insurance companies, government entities, legal institutions and media organisations may also hire a private investigator to find a missing person on their behalf.

  • The cost of a missing person investigation will vary depending on the circumstances of the case and amount of work required to locate the individual.

    An investigation may start with a small budget to run open source Internet, social media and database checks. If these efforts are unsuccessful, physical investigations can be performed at an hourly rate.

    At IFW, our private investigators will begin each case with a review to outline a preliminary scope of work required. If a complex case demands extended evaluation, we may request funding to review all documentation to provide the most accurate assessment.

  • IFW Global Investigations Pty Ltd (“IFW”) is licensed by the NSW Police Force in Australia and regulated under the Commercial Agents and Private Inquiry Agents Act 2004.

    IFW Global USA is a licensed private investigation agency in the State of Florida (License No: A 1900003) in the United States.

  • Private investigators find missing persons by examining every shred of evidence, conducting rigorous forensic, cyber and physical investigations, liaising with key personnel and gathering sophisticated intelligence.

    A missing person investigation may include:

    • Accessing open-source Internet, social media and state and federal database checks to verify whether the missing person’s current location is available.
    • Interviewing witnesses, friends, family, past employers, and other persons of interest.
    • Reviewing forensic reports, CCTV footage and other case evidence; and
    • Analysing data such as telephone records, credit card or bank account records, email communications, social media, and location information. This step may involve requesting records from official government bodies, law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities, hospitals or medical centres, immigration, airlines and travel agencies.

    But of course, every case is unique. That’s why IFW investigators adopt a methodical and adaptable approach to finding missing persons, tailoring proven procedures for the circumstances at hand.

  • While specific details required will depend on the unique circumstances at hand, we generally request that you provide as much relevant information as possible to aid the investigation.

    For instance, you may be given access to the coronial brief of evidence submitted by police on the missing person, which contains records and reports of all police work to date. Sharing this information enables our specialists to check whether anything has been missed or warrants further investigation.

  • The length of time it takes to find a missing person depends on the unique circumstances of the case. Some investigations can run for days, months, or even years, depending on whether there are any leads on the person’s whereabouts.

    IFW investigators have mastered the art of finding missing people, utilising the most advanced resources and tracking methods to locate individuals as quickly as possible.

  • Yes. Our firm and all of our operatives are licensed and regulated by either a government body or a law enforcement agency relevant to their jurisdiction. This means that evidence obtained as a result of our investigation will be admissible in any Australian Court of law and most foreign jurisdictions.

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